The need for strengthened measures in handling personal information has been highlighted anew following recent data breaches targeting Philippine government agencies. 

With the data of up to 20 million state-run Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) members compromised, more agencies had also reportedly suffered hacking incidents, including the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). 

This development prompted lawmakers in both chambers of Congress to express their support in increasing the budget allocation of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) as criminal activities have now upgraded to online. 

A top official of the DICT earlier admitted that their budget was not enough to fight cyber criminals who are becoming “more sophisticated,” with more funds financing their crimes. 

“Today, the threat is real, it’s not a potential threat, that warfare today is not just physical, in fact most of the warfare is now done online. Cyberwar is a reality, it’s increasing in sophistication, it’s increasing in scale and the threats to our infrastructure are serious,” DICT Secretary Ivan Uy earlier told the House of Representatives. 

And we all know that cybercriminals are not only preying on government agencies but also businesses and organizations. This aggressiveness of hackers calls for a beefed-up system, with digital tools ready to protect companies’ data. 

Digital tools available in the market to fend off these kinds of attacks include the digital management system

Aside from going paperless, a digital file system empowers groups and enterprises to choose who can have access or control over the documents. With this system in place, owners can even identify any suspicious activity or changes and deploy the necessary measures to stomp out illegal access. 

They can also opt to classify the data based on sensitivity and importance, enabling them to impose stricter security. 

A document management system can also do data backup and recovery to prevent any loss due to cyberattacks or system failure. 

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Photo Credit: Judgefloro, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons