Managing job application data can be tedious, from the recruitment process to onboarding employees, especially if done manually. As the Philippine economy further reopens, the local human resources (HR) sector should upgrade people processes to achieve productivity gains. 

The unemployment rate dropped to 6% in May of this year, lower than the 7.7% recorded in the same period in 2021, data from the Philippine Statistics Authority showed. 

Just in May alone, new entrants to the workforce reached 1.216 million. This, as the previous administration allowed more sectors to operate at either higher or full capacity. 

Security Bank Corp. Chief Economist Robert Dan J. Roces said in a previous report that more Filipinos would enter the labor market following the easing of COVID restrictions, allowing the country to hit its pre-pandemic unemployment rate. 

During his first State of the Nation Address late in July, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. vowed the Philippines would do away with tougher lockdowns as they targeted to make all establishments run at full-blown. 

With the expected recovery in employment, the HR industry must also rethink how it handles the workforce. 

For those organizations that have yet to embrace automated tools to assure effective delivery of HR services, personnel involved still have to deal with mounting physical documents for record keeping. This not only consumes much of employees’ time but is also prone to the risk of possible loss or damage. 

Deciding to automate step-by-step processes can save workers’ time and deliver the best human capital decision for the company. 

Ready to assist these organizations, Monstarlab Philippines’ Attaché Docs offers digital solutions to help HR professionals be free from the usual scenario of paper-heavy work. 

Here’s how Attaché Docs can improve the HR workflow

What’s more advantageous than having more hours to focus on the more critical matter instead of wasting your time on unending manual tasks?

Attaché Docs enables its clients to shift to paperless solutions, resulting in the better filing of documents, seamless creation and update of forms, and monitoring of required tasks. 

Tapping the Attaché Docs team will allow organizations to expedite the hiring and onboarding of new workers as it simplifies complex processes. Through the company’s drag-and-drop builder, it can streamline data collection, create digital forms in minutes, manage email requests and interview feedback, among others. 

Its tools also promote effective communication among department members through automatic notifications and progress indicators, ensuring that members of the department, especially managers, are informed of their tasks and due dates. 

If an HR department is in order, an organization can expect a productive workforce. Attaché Docs also enables companies to assess employee satisfaction with digital surveys, which managers can use to create reports and launch actions to help retain their top talents. 

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