In the sea of documents — may these be digitized or printed — used and produced by employees of a company daily, it’s not impossible that along the routing process and in the middle of a long email thread, some files get lost and become hard to track.  This common yet complicated scenario for businesses and organizations makes the need for an all-in-one software to manage documents efficiently and seamlessly even more pressing.

Take for example a problem encountered by one of the independent government agencies in the Philippines. Being an organization tasked to ensure transparent governance and credible local financial systems, this government agency sought the help of Ideyatech, Inc. (now Monstarlab Manila) for it to have a digital platform that will improve how it manages and consolidates its legal documents, court cases, case incidents and activities, investigations, memorandum, resolutions, letters, and financial files and reports among many others.

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Through the web-based platform developed by Monstarlab Manila, the files of this agency were digitized. An integral part of the platform is the use of barcodes for a centralized and strategic routing and tracking of crucial documents. 

A barcode-enabled indexing system is a widely used technique in document management systems, as this allows a productive manner of compiling thousands of files. Just like how these work in grocery stores, all that’s needed is to scan barcodes to easily access and identify documents.

Monstarlab Manila also included a smart data entry on the platform. With this, the software is able to prevent duplicate data entries by notifying the users, thus, eliminating data inconsistencies. There’s also a fast-searching function that allows the users to find documents through keywords and using the barcodes for easier file retrieval and updating.

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Also part of the software Monstarlab Manila developed is a notification system that alerts a concerned employee in case a task is assigned to them, promoting a smooth workflow and effective time management. This function complements another feature of the software, which is the monitoring of accomplished, ongoing, and overdue tasks.

The record and tagging method used by Monstarlab Manila for this particular document management system tailored for a government agency is also the selling point of one of its solutions called Attaché Docs. 

Attaché Docs is a simple and easy to use platform that leverages instant creation of digitized forms to organize various types of documents. 

As of writing, Attaché Docs has 10,000 active users, has stored and organized more than 2,300,000 records, and has helped agencies and businesses to save 912,000 work hours.

With Attaché Docs, Monstarlab Manila has partnered with various companies in different industries including the government, legal, construction, and banking and finance.

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