Government offices in regular working days are filled with people falling in line to process papers and other legal documents for varying purposes. Government staff spend hours shuffling physical paperwork, dealing with manual data entry, and processing countless repetitive tasks. To relieve this burden, government agencies around the world adopt modern and digital solutions to accelerate various processes, avoid errors, and save the public time and money.

For so long, the United States government has been fraught by antiquated IT systems. That’s why in 2017, it passed the Modernizing Government Technology Act into law. Rep. Will Hurd, one of the law’s chief proponents in the US Congress, noted in a statement that every year the state “wastes billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars maintaining outdated, unreliable and unsecured IT systems — some of which were first designed in the 1960s.” Under the law, the head of each agency can establish working capital funds for IT modernization including improving their existing IT systems to enhance cybersecurity, efficiency and effectiveness as well as transition legacy IT systems to cloud or shared services.

A familiar bill has been proposed in the Philippines to promote a zero-contact policy and facilitate ease of procedures. The Full Digital Transformation Act of 2020 mandates all government agencies, government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), instrumentalities and Local Government Units (LGUs) to adopt a digitization plan that aligns with the Philippine Digital Transformation Strategy 2022. The bill is set to organize and secure collected personal data of Philippine citizens, businesses, land and transactions, among others.

In service to the public, government agencies have a responsibility to prioritize modernization efforts. But in an industry so laden with regulations, where does modernization start? The answer is simple: online forms. Yes, it can be as basic as eliminating paper government forms and automating workflows.

How Attaché Docs Can Help Modernize Government

Attaché Docs’ online form technology gives organizations an easy way to collect and manage information. Consequently, it is a case management tool that enables users to build complex forms in minutes, collect and display data in real-time, automate workflow, secure document workflow from creation to storage.

Here are five ways to use Attaché Docs in modernizing government agencies:

Public Assistance 

One of the most important roles of the government is public service. Part of this public service is providing public assistance programs that offer financial aids or health benefits for those people in need. To make it more easy and accessible, government agencies are now using digital forms that residents could fill out to request assistance. Attaché Docs provides a few tools to help with these efforts:

  • Online applications that give residents a quick and easy way to request assistance
  • Data encryption that prevents unauthorized users from accessing public assistance program data

Citizen Engagement

Community surveys also help government organizations to engage and build relationships with their citizens or residents. Through the use of surveys, the government can easily identify its citizens’ issues and how to improve the services they offer. Attaché Docs can make government surveys powerful with these features:

  • Mobile-friendly government forms that are easily accessible and meet citizens where they are using their smartphones
  • Customizable submission reports that be used to analyze survey feedback

Job Applications

For the success of government programs and projects, keeping government positions filled is necessary. Even pre-pandemic, job hiring processes are a little burdensome especially for agencies with limited resources, what more with this new normal where we are forced to follow health protocols such as social distancing to avoid further transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Letting job hunters fall in line outside of the government offices for hiring processes is a bit risky and cumbersome. Digital forms can help resolve this issue. To this end, Attaché Docs has several beneficial offerings:

  • Professional online forms for hiring requests, government job applications, interview feedback, and more
  • A central document storage where application records are organized in a single access point that can be distributed organization-wide
  • A seamless workflow that automatically routes new applications to the hiring manager for candidate review

Permit Management

Government agencies are flooded with permit applications, from zoning to building permits, down to transportation permits, and large gathering permits. To streamline permit processing, Attaché Docs provides:

  • Online permit applications that can be embedded or shared on organization’s website
  • Automated submission notifications that alert new permit application submissions in real time for prompt follow-up

Grant Processing

As part of its public service, governments fund recovery initiatives, innovative research, and other projects that provide a public service or stimulate the economy. Just like how it is useful in managing permit applications, Attaché Docs improves grant processing with these simple features:

  • A workflow management tool that can significantly streamline grant processing by letting staff easily review, edit, and comment on grant applications
  • Notification emails that alert whenever someone submits a new grant request

Government agencies are changing the way they work in order to become more effective for the people. Embracing modern technology like Attaché Docs with digital form, workflow automation, and document management features allow governments to take their first step towards modernization.

Photo Credit: Denniz Futalan
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