After seeing a setback during the pandemic, the real estate industry’s recovery is on course. And the massive pile of documents when selling a property is again the usual scenario for most agents—the status quo has been restored. 

However, the pandemic has given birth to more digital tools now being utilized by many sectors, improving how businesses handle their operations. 

Going digital is no longer an option, even for the property market

One of the major property companies that has started tapping technology is Ayala Land Inc. through its deal with mobile wallet GCash. Its partnership with the fintech player allows users to virtually view the units, buy a property, and pay them online using the GCash mobile application. 

This was seen as necessary as customers demanded smooth transactions and fast processes of their papers. 

But how would the industry fare this year? 

Property services firm Colliers Philippines said the recovery of the industry would continue this 2022 as the current administration further eased COVID restrictions, with no plans of imposing another lockdown. The hotel, office space, and condominium take-up are seen to post strong figures this year, with the latter expecting to exceed the 2021 level. 

Total take-up for condominium units in the country’s capital region already reached 9,000 units in the first six months of 2022, a number which was already close to 12,000 units booked in 2021. 

With this expected recovery, how can digital solutions, such as file management software, support property firms’ recovery efforts?

Imagine a situation where your property business has to deal with more than ten clients. The thought of handling their paperwork—ranging from reservation letters, purchase agreements, rental or lease deals to deeds of absolute sale—might be tolerable. But how about hundreds or even thousands of them now flocking to get their dream homes? 

Employees would be left swamped with information that would be manually processed, a scenario that is both impractical and expensive as your operations may have to add more hands to do mundane and repetitive tasks of collecting, sorting, and storing data. 

Monstarlab Philippines’ Attaché Docs can help property firms stay organized, allowing employees to immediately find the necessary documents and collect them without the need to physically file them in cabinets. 

With Attaché Docs, real estate agents can easily access documents and edit them anywhere and at any time, giving them that flexibility in this fast pacing environment. 

Attaché Docs, with established partnerships with key sectors in the Philippines, including the government, has powerful and user-friendly tools. 

With no coding required, Attaché Docs can guide companies in upgrading how they handle their in-house documents. Real estate agents can build forms in minutes to be filled out by potential house buyers. As it also enables companies to automate their workflow, agents can track their units’ progress and monitor activities in real time. They can also seamlessly route collected data to the right people and departments. 

Misplacing documents would also be a thing of the past as real estate agents can work in Attaché Docs’ platform—from attaching scanned documents and searching contents to adding necessary notes to the documents. 

Embracing digital ways to update business operations can help organizations realize growth. Talk to the Attaché Docs team now