No one saw it coming – the abrupt need for adjustment, the sudden change of strategies, the swift call for isolation. The COVID-19 pandemic was an unwelcomed shift of 2020 that’s hit spread like wildfires and affected countries around the world.

The virus has pushed for the unimagined and often never-been-discussed topics, particularly in workplaces – and one of them is the option of the work from home arrangement. While various organizations have already been catering for remote working opportunities, many still opt for the competitive and fast-paced working environment. However, the current situation requires everyone to self-isolate and limit physical contact with people outside their bubble, resulting in the closure of offices and facing the new reality of working from home.

The setup is new for heaps of employees, whose hustle had always centered around the four corners of their workplaces until COVID hit, and the transition is not so pleasant for everyone. An array of challenges usually arises – from setting up of work spaces, to ensuring productivity amid distractions, consistently driving success towards company goals, maintaining engagement, and, which is often forgotten, simply learning to cope and adapt to the new normal.

A massive list of selections of digital tools are readily available in the market to be tapped and made use of, but not all can be as efficient and easy to use as they seem. With that said, it’s vital we only choose the best possible system to ensure we ease the struggle of maintaining productivity despite being away from our usual work desks altogether.

Here’s what you need to look out for before calling the shot and choosing the right tools to use:

Offers versatile features that can be aligned to your internal processes

While some may simply see digital tools as helpful systems toward the streamlining of tasks and workflow, it’s incredibly necessary that we identify what best suits the existing processes in our workplace. The aim should be to drive further success and deliver more value for a business amid the current situation.

With Attaché Docs, organizations can choose from a wide array of features that best suit their internal processes – from creating online forms, to collecting and displaying data in real-time, managing workflow, enabling workflow notifications, and securing document entries from creation to storage.

Gives opportunities to enable faster work turnaround

The very rationale to utilizing digital tools is to allow time-consuming tasks be completed faster without sacrificing quality and efficiency. Eliminating manual work, such as creating documents, can lead to higher productivity of employees and accomplish more work.

Attaché Docs allows easy streamlining of tasks – from generating and reports with real-time insights, having drag and drop graphical widgets for better sorting and for highlighting of the most important data the you need to see, to adding additional details on each task to provide richer context to the work at hand.

Being user-friendly

This should probably be the most important factor to consider when choosing the best digital tools to implement in your workplace – employees are not required to allot loads of time to familiarize and adjust to the new system. It can be a pain to wrap your head around newly introduced processes while dealing with the pandemic outside of your working hours. Therefore, it’s a must we choose tools that are seamlessly connected to improving the way people work.

Attaché Docs can be the best partner towards a smooth transition to the efficient way of surviving the new normal for businesses and organizations. With easy-to-use tools, employees can track their progress and not miss any deadlines, access all needed data, sort documentations, and check their performance.

Whether you’re from the retail industry, human resources, law firms, or government offices, Attaché Docs will help you with all your needs to maintain maximum productivity results while operating remotely.

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