PH improves in world digital competitiveness

As the pandemic pushed people and companies to stay online and cash in on advanced technologies, the Philippines improved its position in the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking. 

The Philippines gained two notches higher in the 2022 International Institute for Management Development (IMD) World Digital Competitiveness Ranking, securing the 56th spot out of 63 countries. 

According to the report released by IMD, a total of 63 economies worldwide were studied to learn about their ability to adopt and explore new digital technologies. They were ranked based on these categories: future readiness, knowledge, and technology.

“This ranking describes the importance of national factors in explaining the digital transformation of companies and the adoption of digital practices by citizens. Digital nations result from a combination of digital talent, digital regulation, data governance, digital attitudes, and the availability of capital,” said Arturo Bris, Director of the WCC.

In terms of knowledge—or the intangible infrastructure that allows the discovery and understanding of new technologies, the Philippines jumped to 62nd last year from 63rd.

Its ranking in terms of technology also climbed to 49th from 54th a year prior. However, under the future readiness category, the Philippines saw its ranking dip to 58th from the 57th spot. 

Although there were improvements recorded, the Philippines remained lagging behind other Southeast Asian economies, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Among the Asia-Pacific economies in the ranking, the Philippines was ahead only of Magnolia. 

The current administration has been initiating efforts to ramp up the adoption of digital solutions across its agencies—from national to local levels—needed to deliver efficient public services to Filipinos. 

CitizenWatch Philippines convenor Orlando Oxales previously said the government must team up with the private sector for this digital journey, saying the latter has been “a ready partner for technology and expertise.

“For itself, the government needs to accelerate the automation of its operations and front-line transactions, increase productivity and efficiency, and generally make it easy for the public to digitally access services,” Oxales said.

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