A lawmaker is pushing for improved access to Shari’a courts for the Muslim Filipino community. Can a document management system help meet this demand?

Actor-turned-lawmaker Senator Robinhood Padilla filed Senate Bill No. 2462 in October 2023, a proposed measure seeking to amend some provisions of Republic Act 9997 or the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos Act of 2009

Pushing for changes in the mentioned law would make Shari’a courts more accessible to Muslim Filipinos.

“Needless to say, these circumstances undermine our country’s commitment to promoting fair and equal treatment to all of its citizens under the law,” he said. 

“This measure introduces provisions for the creation of a digital platform that allows the paperless filing of routine documents to and from Shari’a courts, as well as the collection of statistical data for Muslim Filipinos at the national, regional, provincial, city, and municipal levels,” Padilla added.

The proposed bill orders the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to work with the Supreme Court in introducing a digital platform for the “paperless filing” of documents including marriage, birth, and death certificates. Payments for these processes would also be digitalized. 

Padilla said the NCMF can even team up with private players for a smooth transition to paperless. 

“This proposed measure ensures that all citizens of this country can access an effective, efficient, and non-discriminatory legal system,” Padilla said.

For this goal of Padilla, a quality document management system is needed to support Shari’a courts’ mounting data collection. 

Using document management systems, organizations can easily scan through thousands of files stored in a secured platform, allowing them to process them seamlessly. This paves the way for a faster public service, compared to manual processes that usually take hours and even days.

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Photo courtesy: FroyR, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons