‘Paperless offices’ as a growing trend

Relying on paper for everyday operations—such as contracts, applications, invoices, and others—has become the norm for dozens of years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has given a kick to the growth of “paperless offices.

Will this remain relevant in the next decade?

According to The Business Research Company, a global market research and consulting firm, the robust demand for document management systems will continue. This system allows enterprises and offices to digitize their documents, which may hold customer data, updates on projects, images, and confidential information. It also enables employees to edit, archive, store, track, review, and exchange digital files

Switching to a document management system would translate to lower operating costs in the long run as companies would cut their spending on printers, paper, and storage. Not only that, employees would save time in looking for files as they can easily get a hold of them in just a few clicks. 

Investing in a reliable document management system would also mean human errors, which can make businesses vulnerable to losses or witness a drop in sales, will be reduced or eradicated. 

Based on its projection, the growth of the global document management system will continue to bank on the rising number of paperless offices. As defined by The Business Research Company, a paperless office is “a workplace that operates with minimal paper-based processes and relies more on digitized documents to carry out daily business operations.

As document management systems make operations efficient, the market is expected to grow by $7.91 billion this year. It is seen to surpass the $10 billion mark in the next four to 10 years. 

The Business Research Company particularly sees firms in these key sectors tapping document management systems: banking, financial services, insurance, government, education, healthcare, corporate, industrial manufacturing, and retail. 

Monstarlab Philippines’ Attaché Docs is one of the leading document management system providers in the country, with several partnerships established with the private and public sectors. 

Discuss your paperless journey with Attaché Docs now to hit your business goals. 

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