Businesses and organizations across the world are facing the “new normal’ as we’re hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are working remotely, while some are operating in a skeletal workforce – different approaches to dealing with the current situation yet they all boil down to posing challenges in ensuring operations are still running and work is still being accomplished efficiently.

Aside from the business side of things, the abrupt and forced need to isolate due to the pandemic comes with heaps of challenges in making sure employees are continuously providing the best possible deliverables. Various external factors that were once unknown are now posing a threat to the workforce’s productivity.

Streamlining tracking of work is an opportunity every workplace can utilize now more than ever – here’s why:

Faster and more efficient work turnaround

Working remotely poses a greater risk of a disorganized system of tracking progress and completions, which could lead to not meeting deadlines and frustrated clients – a sense of nightmare for every business.

One way of maintaining a seamless and even more effective task management is through managing your workflows. In Attaché Docs, users can create workflows to determine the level of processes and assigning of tasks. Once you create a workflow, it will auto-suggest tasks to the users based on that workflow. 

Organizations can enjoy an easier and systematic way of ensuring all tasks are ticked on time and with the best possible results. Attaché Docs provides user-friendly tools to easily store and track information, collect data, and manage tasks – giving you all the reasons to stay driven and productive towards reaching company goals.

Easy prioritization of tasks

It’s a must to make sure all work is checked up on and on track to completion, but it’s even more challenging to sort tasks based on their priority, whether it be in terms of urgency, degree of difficulty, or the client behind it.

Streamlining work means you can easily identify and label tasks accordingly and this can be easily done with Attaché Docs – from generating reports, having drag and drop widgets for better sorting, to adding additional details on each task to provide richer context to the work at hand.

Employees feel more engaged and empowered

Keeping the workforce confident and driven can be a challenge, especially in these uncertain times. A recent employee engagement research reveals better employee engagement results in better work quality and higher profitability. 

By activating workflow management, employees are given all the power to track their progress, access all relevant information, sort documentations, and check their performance – saving you from all the possible headaches and stress. Attaché Docs can be the best partner towards a smooth transition to the efficient way of surviving the new normal for businesses and organizations.

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