The legal industry has been heavily associated with paper – from deeds and contracts, to leases, wills, agreements, and litigations. It has been customary that in this document-savvy industry, the list of paper files is necessary for the success of any task, a proof of which is a 2013 Australian report that revealed each person in the industry uses an average of 122 kilograms of paper each year.

But times have changed, and so should the practice of files and workflow management and, more relevant today, the conscious effort to shy away from the extensive usage of paper.

An electronic document management service like Attaché Docs can be your easy and efficient partner in fully realizing a seamless paperless legal case management and monitoring system.

Attaché Docs understands that the legal industry often equates to stockpiles of documents, extreme volumes of folders, evidence trails, memos, and court orders as well as the importance of securing confidential information and so it specially offers a wide array of features to ensure the proper storage, navigation, and management of case-sensitive data – from case tracking, to document barcode, dashboard and case notifications, and central document storage.

Almost convinced to ditch the heavy tons of paperwork and to switch to Attaché Docs? Here’s one case that shows the leap is all worthwhile:

In the Philippines, one organization tapped the option of implementing a case management system to its legal department in a bid to see an improved inventory and monitoring of cases across its offices. They launched a program using Attaché Docs and they have seen a better and more efficient way of doing things. With the help of Attaché, their legal department no longer needs to ask people to submit written reports and instead, they are now generated through a system for after and easier processing. 

Also, monitoring and tracking of important and high-profile cases have become faster thanks to a global search mechanism. Designated legal officers can pull out information from existing legal case files which are sorted by case, client, or matter into a document management system so they can easily be found. The system’s dashboard and calendar function then allow the user to track the latest development of their cases and assigned tasks.

More importantly, security has never been an issue as the system operates a barcode technology to guarantee the integrity of the documents. The organization now enjoys a central storage of legal case records and a well-organized system of capturing data.

With about 10,000 active users, over two million records stored, and 912,000 hours saved from the dreadful manual paperwork, there’s all the gain to team up with Attaché Docs and fulfill the best choice to go towards a web-based case management system.

We believe the legal industry can get more done in less time – and Attaché Docs can make that possible.

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