Keeping documents organized and properly stored ensure smooth processes in a business or organization. This makes it imperative for major industries to invest in a reliable document management system to guarantee efficient operations. 

So which industries can benefit from a document management system?

1. Government 

First world economies were the first to harness technologies’ power to make sure that public services would be delivered promptly without the masses having difficulty in accessing them. Now, the Philippine government shifted its focus on equipping agencies and departments with the proper digital tools to enhance services—eradicating long queues, corruption, and redundancy in the system. 

Using document management systems, government agencies can easily scan through thousands of files stored in a secured platform and process the needed documents. This produces a faster public service despite massive data collection, compared to the manual processes of getting the requested information which usually takes hours and even days. 

2. Manufacturing

Considered one of the most document-intensive sectors, companies in the manufacturing space continuously process documents to monitor the flow of materials, shipments, invoices, contracts, and work orders, among others. 

A document management system can make every administration staff’s job easier as they can depend on this tool to find requested files, make necessary edits, and monitor the progress of each segment in an organization. 

3. Healthcare

Clinical information is vital to ensure medical professionals would make the right diagnoses and treatment for their patients. 

As healthcare institutions handle and produce a large volume of documents, such as patient forms, insurance approvals, diagnosis and surgery reports, including payment forms, these organizations must have a tool to avoid an overwhelming scenario of managing data. 

4. Transportation

This sector is one of the lifeblood of an economy as every mode of transportation plays a crucial role in transporting travelers or workers, and the needed goods for an organization or country to operate. 

Within this industry, a document management system can assist in streamlining operations and putting all files—including bills of landing, tariffs, and contracts—in order. 

5. Education 

It’s easy to get lost in a pile of thousands or even millions of student records, including schools’ personnel. In the Philippines, many educators, the majority of them deployed in public schools, still carry the physical documents of their students or store them in cabinets in their classrooms. 

This, however, might make the documents vulnerable to incidents like flooding, which could destroy students’ data. With a reliable document management system, educators can go paperless with administrative tasks and focus more on tracking and enhancing learners’ knowledge and skills.

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