The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) as the lead implementing agency of Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) in the Philippines. The department undertakes land tenure improvement, development of program beneficiaries, and agrarian justice delivery. As one of the major government agencies in the country, they have tried to find ways to organize their operations.

Last 2011, DAR sought the expertise of Monstar Lab Philippines (Ideyatech Inc.) to implement a case management system to its legal department. Within 6 months, the department launched the Legal Case Monitoring System (LCMS) using Attaché, a case management software developed by Monstar Lab Philippines (Ideyatech Inc.) With more than 1,500 legal officers nationwide, LCMS is now the core of DAR’s electronic case monitoring with more than 200,000 case records on the system.

Innovation for faster and easier process

Because of Attaché, the Legal Affairs Office will no longer be requiring the people to submit written accomplishment reports to the Central Office after the first quarter of 2013. Reports will now be generated through the system for faster and easier processing.

Monitoring and tracking down the movement of specific or high profile cases becomes easier and faster. Using the global search, case information can now be obtained on any DAR offices in the country. Management of DAR can also access real-time reports from their dashboard. LCMS also provides a central storage of legal case records and a well-organized way of capturing data. The system operates with a barcode technology to guarantee the integrity of the documents and for easy tracking.

Attaché has a built-in word processor with pro-forma templates, apt to use by legal officers that allows draft-making. The system is used by the legal officer to write and review the draft without the need of printing. This is a paperless way of processing a draft until it is ready for the signature of the higher officials. In addition, it can also automatically print Registered Return Cards (RRC) for necessary documents to be registered in the postal office and mail labels for envelopes. Using Attaché in DAR’s case management provides a systematic, convenient, and faster operation.