Businesses share these main goals: to meet consumers’ needs and record higher sales. To make these happen, enterprises must be proactive, planning out a free and easy process for buyers. 

With a reliable service, it is likely that the customer retention rate is also high, subsequently translating to bigger sales. 

But keeping track of the high volume of orders may be challenging if done manually—from receiving requests, managing customers’ data, and arranging the items, to post-delivery customer service relations.  

Fortunately, Monstarlab Philippines’ Attaché Docs is here to provide an effective document management system that enables businesses to build digital forms and digitalize the process, reducing businesses’ dependence on physical paper. 

With Attaché Docs, businesses can be confident to process accurate order details. And since the workflow is automated, every member of the team can access the platform and track the progress of each order. 

The timely delivery of goods is one of the ways to keep a strong partnership with co-sellers and buyers, but so is making sure that a business provides the correct orders. 

Physical delivery notes, which are the basis for invoicing processes, are prone to get misplaced and damaged. They are also vulnerable to poor handwriting or sometimes, incomplete details, which can delay the issuance of payments. Sorting out these documents would also take time, and it is possible to overlook some issues. If an enterprise fails to pinpoint an error or the process is not properly documented, this might lead to a decline in order fulfillment rates as well as customer satisfaction. Carrying out an order for a first-time customer is especially crucial as this would determine if he would be a regular client. 

So it is necessary for businesses to manage proof of delivery documents more effectively to save time and confusion. Proof of delivery serves as an acknowledgment that a business successfully carried out the order. 

With a document management system, businesses can easily collect clients’ personal information, including their names, contact details, and address. The risk of errors, including the possibility of misplacing the documents, would be reduced. 

Since the data are available online, information is accessible and any anomaly or inaccuracy can be identified and fixed. 

Everyone wants a trouble-free purchase, and Attaché Docs is here to make that happen. Schedule a meeting with our team of experts to know more about the company’s services .

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