How to select the best document management system for your business

While its popularity has been highlighted during the pandemic, many businesses are still on the lookout for the best document management system provider. 

But first, why do organizations, especially the big ones, need a document management system? With a reliable document management system like Attaché Docs, organizations—whether in the public or private sector—can be at ease with their paperwork. 

Employees do not need to spend long hours managing and storing large numbers of physical files, as they can organize them in an electronic platform that is accessible wherever they are and whenever they need. 

With records converted into digital data, companies can reduce the risk of losing critical files which are prone to damage from handling and improper storage. 

Monstarlab Philippines’ Attaché Docs empowers organizations to do more in less time as its digital tools allow employees to find, edit, scan, save, or send the needed files in a breeze. 

User-friendly features

Wanting to go paperless but struggling to set up digital forms? Worry no more as Attaché Docs enables organizations to build forms in minutes through its dependable drag-and-drop module. Employees can edit and delete entries, or create multi-page subforms. 

Generating reports can also be time-consuming and confusing for others, but Attaché Docs is eliminating all these hassles. In just a few clicks, employees can turn information into charts and graphs, allowing them to pinpoint roadblocks delaying their projects.  

Smooth workflows

Using Attaché Docs’ easy-to-use workflow builder, employees will no longer rely on guesswork and several follow-up emails to know the updates on a project. 

By showing the current status of a task in real-time, employees can track each phase and adjust their performance respectively to ensure hitting the deadline.  

Safe, future-proof 

Embracing digital tools is the way to go, and with Attaché Docs’ full end-to-end security and encryption standards, organizations are assured that their confidential data will not be compromised. 

The Department of Agrarian Reform earlier said that experts from Monstarlab Philippines had helped the agency to launch its web-based case management system, the very first of its kind and complexion in the government implemented in the entire country. 

Attaché Docs also played a major role in the realization of the Child Labor Local Registry System, which allows the DSWD to monitor child laborers nationwide. 

“Monitoring of the child laborers has been made easier as well as reports generation at all levels. This has enabled other service providers with information on what interventions are needed and appropriate for child laborers and their families,” said Maelen Joy Naz-Orozco, a social welfare officer from the DSWD. 

With about 10,000 active users and more than 2.3 million records stored, Attaché Docs is a trusted document management system provider in the Philippines. 

Schedule a demo with the Attaché Docs team now to learn more about going paperless. 

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