For many companies, one of the challenges they face is having to deal with a pile of documents. Outdated or manual systems increase the risk of lost or poor-quality data. Especially for logistics firms that heavily rely on paper documents, it is important for them to have an efficient system that will ensure that all these important files are organized.

One movement may involve a number of documents, which will go through different hands. There is no room for errors as this will surely make tracking difficult, and may possibly result in delays or shipment cancellations.

An error in any part of the supply chain may lead to costly consequences.

To help logistics companies address this, it will be better for them to integrate a document management system.

This tool will help in efficiently managing documents, which will at least lessen the possibility of committing any errors.

Through a document management system, logistics firms can effortlessly store, and secure their invoices, shipping slips, customs documents, packing lists, and other documents essential to their operations.

Such a tool also gives immediate access to files and allows quick extraction of needed data instead of going through a handful of documents.

Integrating this kind of system also makes sure that any record will not be damaged or compromised easily.

Helping logistics companies achieve better document management is Attaché Docs.

Through its easy-to-use features, anyone can access information, generate customized forms, and collect data like a pro.

Build forms in an instant, and easily add, edit, and delete an entry. The history of changes can also be tracked.

Attaché Docs also allows users to generate detailed reports, which can be exported in different file formats.

Aside from document management, Attaché Docs also automates workflows that will allow logistics companies to focus on more important tasks.

Security is also ensured with Attaché Docs since it is protected with strict end-to-end encryptions from the user interface to deployment. There is also regular security testing and auditing to prevent any possible attack or threat.

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