The Duterte administration has poured in billions of pesos to launch its ambitious “Build, Build, Build”, which targets to address the Philippines’ infrastructure woes and trigger job creation for Filipinos. But, with more projects in the pipeline, how can the government take advantage of the present technologies to speed up the completion of these projects? 

Out of 119 flagship projects under the program, President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. will inherit 88 projects that are seen to be finished in the next six years. During the campaign, Marcos vowed in November that his administration would continue expanding Duterte’s infrastructure development plan.

While the program has only 119 big-ticket projects, former Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Build, Build, Build committee chairperson Anna Mae Lamentillo said that “at least 20,000 other projects [are] under the same portfolio”. 

That is a considerable number that requires massive data collection—from crafting a project plan, procurement management, right-of-way appraisal and acquisition, to actual construction works. 

Processes involved in the building could be lengthy with mounting documents on the side, composed of issued memorandums and orders. Manually collecting them and inputting their data could take so much time, subsequently delaying government projects if not managed correctly and wisely.  

Investing in a digital management system will allow the government offices to handle these projects efficiently. 

Thankfully, as more technologies have become available, digital solutions like those offered by Attaché Docs can help government agencies pursue infrastructure projects. 

With Attaché Docs, the government can easily keep track of the progress, saving a lot of time and money. It can customize digital forms to process applications, permits, and claims, allowing clients to access submissions remotely. 

It also offers central document storage, providing easy access and data transfer between project managers, architects, and contractors. This feature promotes transparency among the builders at every stage of the development. 

Attaché Docs also enables project managers to issue multiple work orders to contractors to ensure that the plan would face no delay in implementation. 

Not only that, project inspectors can file their reports not just with text information but also with photos and videos. 

Deploying Attaché Docs to their system can assure government agencies that all tasks and monitor activities can seamlessly implement the projects, doing more with less human error. 

Attaché Docs not only digitalizes the processes but also protects the data using high-grade encryption, ensuring the security of the project is maintained. Its schedule management feature also helps comply with the Anti-Red Tape Law (ARTA). 

Government agencies, such as the Department of Agrarian Reform and the Department of Social Welfare and Development, have partnered with Attaché Docs for their respective programs. 

Talk to the Attaché Docs team now and know how its digital solutions can help your organization embrace workflow automation.

Photo Credit: Mel Casipit

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