While digital transformation has been the hot topic in the business sector, the ongoing health crisis has also stressed the need to automate government processes

A report by Fortune Business Insights released late in April expressed bullishness that the document management system market would only emerge stronger from the pandemic given “the rising dependence on digitization.” 

This, as the surging cases worldwide—forcing government leaders to impose stricter restrictions—have pushed different industries, including the public sector, to strengthen their digital networks. Industries tapping the technology see it as necessary to continue their activities amid limited mobility. 

According to the report, a document management system has been developed to “systematically manage documents” while simplifying data management. It further stressed that organizations with advanced software solutions could experience increased workplace efficiency.

“The rising demand for paperless government and offices may enhance the market growth. Further, the extensive adoption of cloud-based services may enhance the product adoption. These factors may propel the industry’s growth in the coming years,” the report said. 

Incorporating other advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, real-time tracking solutions, and cloud computing solutions, could further propel the momentum. 

The report said that amid the booming demand for a document management system, the market is anticipated to grow to $5.55 billion this year, higher than the $5 billion recorded in 2021. By 2029, the industry is expected to hit a whopping $16.42 billion

North America will dominate the market with more players serving the industry, while Europe sees increasing investments in digital platforms, driving the adoption of the document management system. 

Meanwhile, in the Asia Pacific, the report stated it found rising adoption of document management system solutions not just by the manufacturing sector but also by the government. 

In the Philippines alone, the current administration has been pushing for the expanded implementation of e-government through the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) E-Government Masterplan (EGMP) 2022. The plan seeks to enhance basic services by tapping digital solutions. 

Local player Monstarlab Philippines (formerly Ideyatech, Inc.), through its Attaché Docs, has been assisting the market, especially government agencies, in their digital transformation journey. For instance, the Supreme Court of the Philippines previously partnered with Attaché Docs to address its struggles in keeping its mounting old documents. 

With Attaché Docs, the Supreme Court also allowed the public to access cases with the launch of the eCourt system, an initiative intended to boost court efficiency and transparency while decreasing court staff’s workload. 

“We at Attaché Docs and Monstarlab want our clients to know that digitization doesn’t need to be intimidating. As long as they have their business goals clear, they can always begin taking the necessary efforts towards digital transformation, and we’re here to be with them in every step of the way,” said Allan Tan, Monstarlab Philippines Managing Director.

“It always excites us knowing that through our help, there’s a new organization that will experience how efficient and effective it is to leave manual processes and stacks of papers behind and instead maximize the available digitization tools,” he added.

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Photo by Chester Zhao