Over the last several months, the Attaché Docs team has been working behind the scenes to refresh your online form builder. We’ve developed some exciting updates to enhance your experience, and make it faster and easier to create powerful digital forms.

The form builder’s navigation is more intuitive, making the whole experience more efficient. The tools you need are easier to find, which allows you to build online forms with fewer clicks. 

The drag-and-drop module allows you to create different kinds of personalized forms for any purpose within a few minutes without writing a single line of code. You can smartly arrange your form, and give them a more robust and professional look. 

Additionally, you can create new and personalized forms based on your existing form by adding multiple subforms if you want to gather more detailed information. When you spread your survey or application questions across pages, you make completing the form seem less overwhelming. You can configure all dropdown choices and system codes to make your forms less complex. Plus, it allows you to save your drafted form and go back to edit specific fields later.

Attaché Docs’ form builder also gives you the control on who can access the form template and its entries based on information security policies and set user authorities, as well as track history log of all changes made on the form entries.

How an Attaché Docs’ Form Builder can benefit your business?

Communication plays an important role in all sectors of every industry as it keeps the bond between businesses and their consumers. Among all the strategies of communication, the most significant and practical means of transferring each other’s ideas is done through the contact form.

A recent marketing study showed that 65 percent of businesses say that creating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge, and 74 percent of establishments are focusing on converting the leads into customers. This means a perfect online form builder can benefit your business very effectively.

As elaborated above, Attaché Docs is a user-friendly, drag and drop, and customizable digital form that comes with all the premium features, and many more unique functionalities. 

One of the most significant benefits of using Attaché Docs is that it reduces manual paperwork. While you find collecting data using paper as hectic, the aftermath where you’re processing large stacks of paper is what’s truly daunting. What digital collection does is transform the time-consuming paper forms workflow into the much simpler paperless approach. As a result of an effective paperless data management system, you save time and money for your company and eliminate much of that waste.

Aside from the intuitive online form builder, Attache Docs has flexible workflow tools that give you a seamless way to manage your company processes. You can easily take command of your operations by creating your workflows with the same drop-and-drag module and assigning sections of your workflow to different team members depending on what you want them to review and edit. 

When a form submission is received, you can trigger a notification email to send to you or anyone on your team. Moreover, the calendar feature allows you to track the progress of your assigned tasks from start to finish so you don’t miss any of your deadlines.

When it comes to using digital forms, another important thing to remember is you are responsible for ensuring that the forms are compliant with whichever privacy laws are necessary. Securing sensitive information and protecting the privacy of your customers are just a few security implementations you must consider.

With Attaché Docs, which is designed and developed for the Philippine legal settings, you don’t need to worry about data security. Data and documents stored in our system are encrypted using multiple enterprise-grade security methods such as username and password authentication, two-way form entry encryption , and a roles-based permission system among others. 

Whatever your industry or department, Attaché Docs has the power to help you streamline tasks and get more work done. Empower your team to get creative and innovative with an easy-to-use tool that can power any workflow.

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