Indeed, working in a repetitive cycle will definitely be tiring for anyone. Making it more challenging for workers is having the need to adjust to the post-pandemic world. 

The burning passion an employee had during his or her first few months in office may die down as work becomes more stressful and overwhelming.

As employee behavior changes in this post-pandemic world, here are some new workplace buzzwords that you should take note of:

Quiet Quitting

This is already a familiar term for many which refers to doing the minimum requirements, and exerting no more time and effort in one’s job. Those who feel this continue to fulfill their responsibilities, but they do not usually engage in activities in the workplace. 

The best way to address this is for managers to have an open and honest conversation with their people so they can air their issues. 


This refers to the act of staying in a job despite being unsatisfied due to the lack of options. Employees who experience this do not hide the growing bitterness they feel about their work.

Even before that feeling of dissatisfaction grows, employees should try to raise their issues with their managers. 

Bare Minimum Monday

This concept is similar to quiet quitting, but this specifically applies to the start of the week. Coined by TikTok content creator Marisa Jo, this refers to employees doing the least possible work on Mondays to avoid burnout in the remaining days of the work week. 

In one of her videos, she showed activities she did, like journaling, skincare routine, and making a project, before officially starting to work which “doesn’t start until noon” on Mondays. 

Rage applying

This is the practice of mass applying for jobs due to the feeling of unhappiness from work. Keep in mind this may not be the best course to take. One should not search for another job out of the resentment or burnout you are feeling. 

Anyone can experience any of these things, and companies have a role to play in helping their employees lighten up the dissatisfaction they are feeling. 

And this is exactly what Monstarlab PH is doing. 

“I think companies should come up with activities to keep engaging employees,” said Allan Tan, managing director of Monstarlab PH. 

Companies should not just focus on the productivity of their employees, but also on how happy they are with their work, he added. 

“We have to do something to recover and be able to get back the motivation and sense of purpose of everyone working,” Tan also said. 

Helping Monstarlab PH here is the use of digital technology in a hybrid work setup. 

Tan said that while this depends on that industry, hybrid is the way to go for the tech industry as this allows employees to keep a work-life balance.

In effect, this improves their productivity, while still keeping the creative and collaboration aspects when working, he noted. 

“We need to take advantage of the technology. The technology is there to help us humans improve our lives,” Tan said.

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