In any business that serves customers daily, fast turnarounds are vital in ensuring customer satisfaction. The sooner a customer transaction gets addressed, the better. This also allows employees to accommodate more customers within a specific time.

But sometimes, organizations struggle to meet the ideal. For example, in the Philippines, it’s common practice for citizens to allot a day when dealing with important transactions, especially when concerning documents related to government agencies. More often than not, what slows down the entire transaction process is how most government organizations in the country still stick with traditional and manual methods.

Aiming to introduce a paperless way of managing transactions to government agencies and law firms, Ideyatech, Inc. (now Monstarlab Manila) offers digital solutions like Attaché Docs, with powerful and intuitive features that are made for easy collection of data, seamless building of custom forms, and smooth production of reports supported by a visual dashboard. Attaché Docs can also serve as a base platform to develop other tools like Transaction Monitoring System (TMS). Here are the benefits of TMS for your businesses and organizations.

Fast-track transactions

With an intelligent automated platform designed to handle information and data related to transactions, organizations are assured of fast output without compromising the quality of service. With a Transaction Monitoring System, efficient processing of simple to complex transactions can be a reality for agencies instead of dealing with loads of paperwork and manual data encoding. 

A Transaction Monitoring System can be used for the entire transaction process — from creating, scanning, and attaching documents, transmittal of documents for records keeping, forwarding transitions to other concerned stakeholders, and finally, closing the transaction. For other agencies, a Transaction Monitoring System can also be utilized to monitor insurance claims, loans, pension, membership, and housing transactions, from the filing of an application or request until the completion.

Institutionalize transaction processes and policies

With the Transaction Monitoring System, tasks and workloads are also more organized. Through software that serves as a tool to standardize the efficient processing of transactions, processes are uniformized. Employees can also have the same go-to course of action when addressing finished transactions, reopened transactions, and transactions awaiting resolution.

Accurate, real-time production of reports

Tools like Attaché Docs are also designed with a virtual and configurable dashboard that presents data and information in accessible and comprehensible graphs. With this, department heads and staff can glance at summarized tasks that they can refer to when evaluating which areas of operations or transactions need to be prioritized.

It’s time to say goodbye to paper-heavy transactions

As the world becomes more and more dependent on virtual space and reliant on digital tools, paperless is the way to go. Let Attache Docs help give you a headstart in embracing digital transformation within your organization. =