As the world adapts advanced technologies to make processes easier, and pave the way for upgrades or innovations, cyber criminals continue to lurk into attack organization’s weak spots. 

A document management system, for instance, allows companies to manage, store, and track their data at ease without the need to put more capital into storing physical documents that are crucial to their operations. Not only that, the software solution has also the capacity to retrieve, edit, as well as protect the data. 

The information that may be processed includes client and employee details, invoices, future plans, financial data, and among others. 

Considering that these are confidential and vital to business operations, a document management system with poor security features should immediately be dropped for a reliable one. 

Why? Your customers and business would become vulnerable to cybercrime attacks.  

One of the most prominent attacks in the Philippines is phishing—or an approach used to steal user data, with the country ranking fifth globally last year, data from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky showed. 

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) said last April that from 2020 to 2022, there were about 3,000 “high-level cyberattacks, which included hacking incidents. 

In choosing a document management system, what should be the main consideration? 

  • Role-based security, allowing only authorized employees to access or manage the file
  • Encrypted storage
  • Secure document sharing 
  • Reliable support from technology provider

As companies sometimes want to focus on their core businesses, they tap technology suppliers to provide the digital solutions they need. 

For a document management system, the Philippines has Monstarlab’s Attaché Docs giving all firms exactly what they need—reliable, convenient, effective, and with strong security features in place. 

With Attaché Docs, companies can feel at ease that their data are protected from any digital threats given the system’s full end-to-end security and encryption standards. Companies can likewise depend on  Attaché Docs’ group of experts when issues arise.

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Photo credit: jcomp