Big companies often boast about their commitments to so-called sustainable development goals, with efforts exerted to end poverty, achieve food security, make societies inclusive, and protect the planet. 

Companies’ increased consciousness about environmental pollution, for instance, has made some of them shift to reuse and recycle materials, as well as go paperless or reduce their dependence on paper.

How does using large volumes of paper affect Earth? Mass-producing paper needs a lot of trees, resulting in deforestation. Not only this, it causes air pollution with factories using many chemicals to produce paper. 

Using massive amounts of paper could also hit the environment as offices and organizations have stockrooms, which require power to properly store documents. With more people and resources needed to keep and manage valuable documents, companies will likewise have to shell out more budget to maintain it.  

We all know paper has been part of everyone’s life—from school requirements, billings, documents, toilet paper—and we may have to wait for more years to realize a paperless society. But with digital tools now accessible in the market, organizations can gradually cut their paper use and pursue digital transformation. 

The rise in the number of companies pushing for sustainability has paved the way for document management systems to gain popularity worldwide. 

A document management system allows any company or organization to collect, store, edit, and access large volumes of data or information minus the use of paper and facilities to keep them. 

Information secured in a reliable document management system will also be protected from incidents like natural disasters, such as flooding or landslide, that could destroy data. 

This technology will also empower companies, as this not only reduces human errors, it also enables their employees to spend more time on important tasks. 

Monstarlab Philippines’ Attaché Docs can help you achieve your sustainable goals as it has a pool of talented tech experts who can customize a document management system based on your company’s needs. 

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Photo Credit: Patsy Lynch, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons