Processing paper after paper can be overwhelming, especially for the real estate market where it handles massive volumes of property and sale transaction data. What more if the government handles hundreds or even thousands of housing units while facing bureaucracy issues? 

Earlier this year, the Marcos administration said it targets to build 6.15 million housing units within six years under the Pambansang Pabahay para sa Pilipino program. This goal, it said, would benefit about 30 million Filipinos. 

The government has so far signed agreements with more than 40 local government units for this project. 

However, a lawmaker previously expressed doubt that the government can hit its target, describing it as “too ambitious, impossible.

However, the government was eager to pursue this program, with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. ordering concerned agencies in July to speed up the inventory and development of public lands suitable for housing and human settlement. 

The political will might be present, but if the government lacks the right strategy and tools to implement this program, this may become another unfulfilled promise. 

Thanks to emerging technologies and innovations, daily operations have been simplified and enhanced. A quality document management system, for instance, can help the government achieve its housing targets on time. 

With a document management system, government agencies involved in this endeavor can track the progress of each project segment and see where the delay is coming from so they can make the necessary adjustments. The document management system of Attaché Docs, in particular, allows employees who have access to the platform to make smart digital forms, collect data more quickly, organize and edit files, and monitor multiple projects. 

Attaché Docs has a concrete track record with some key government agencies, such as the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Justice, for their record and case management. 

The company, backed by technology player Monstarlab Philippines, can replicate similar successes in housing projects. 

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Photo credit: Avito Dalan, Philippine News Agency, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons